Like most things in history, the Inn at Whitewell goes back a long, long way! Read on to find out more about it’s Royal links, the fabulous Forest of Bowland and the Bowman family.

A Royal Resting Place

In the 1300’s The Inn at Whitewell was just a small manor house, lived in by the keepers of the Royal forest. The Royal connection still remains as the Inn forms part of the Duchy of Lancaster Estate. It was not until comparatively recently, during the 1700’s, that the building was transformed into a resting place where travelers en route to or from Lancaster could safely stay before continuing their perilous journey.

Something For Everyone

The Inn at Whitewell sits high on the banks of the River Hodder, where it is hoped it will remain, with spectacular views down the valley into the heart of the Forest of Bowland. This breathtaking rural area is a well-kept secret and a total haven for those who like to walk, fish, paint or just want to stroke their partner and talk to the dog.

The Bowman Family

Charles Bowman is the third generation of Bowman to become involved with the Inn’s evolution. His father Richard, the former Lancashire cricketer and brewer, was largely responsible for the restoration of the existing building. The family passion for antiques and pictures abound, so too does their quite often-misplaced humour.